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MS Teacher Resources: Zoom

Links, resources and information that may be of use to teachers in their learning and instructional journey

Staying Safe on ZOOM: Must Do's

ZOOM Security Settings 

If you are using Zoom in any settings, you must stick to these guidelines. This is official WAB policy from Monday 6 April. This is to prevent security and privacy issues that have been popping up in the news recently. We strongly advise that Teams is used in place of Zoom. For safeguarding reasons, no other live video conferencing apps are permitted in MS 


1. Ensure users are using the updated version [4.6.9] of remote access/meeting applications. In April 2020, Zoom updated the software. (  

2. Have all meeting rooms auto-generated (do not use the same personal meeting link for all meetings)   

3. Do not include the meeting password in the meeting link by default.   

4. Do not make zoom meetings or classrooms public. In Zoom, there are two options to make a meeting private: require a meeting password or use the waiting room feature and control the admittance of guests. 

5. Do not share a link to a Zoom teleconference or classroom on an unrestricted publicly available social media post. Provide the link directly to specific people. 

6. Manage screen-sharing options. In Zoom, change screen-sharing to “Host Only.” 

7. Record a Zoom meeting locally, recorded files can be uploaded on OneDrive then shared with specific people or groups 

8. Set meetings to allow recording by the host only (not all participants)when recording a meeting with students.   

9. Change your display name in Zoom meeting 


Zoom and Teams integration and uninstalling

We no longer recommend that teachers integrate Zoom into Teams.

If you no longer wish to have Zoom integrated in Teams here are the steps to disconnect it:

  1. Go to Zoom marketplace and sign in to your account
  2. Find Microsoft Teams and click "Uninstall"
  3. Choose your reason for uninstalling and leave "grant app developer consent to retain data" blank
  4. Click "uninstall" again
  5. Back in the main Zoom page go to your profile and make sure you remove authorisation of Zoom for Contact and Calendar integration.



How to create a Zoom meeting

Online Conferencing tips

Manually saving a Zoom Chat

Virtual Background in Zoom

Zoom doesn't have the "blur" background option. This is something to experiment with if you have the time and energy! Not required

Differences between Zoom and Teams meetings

Note for WAB: Stream and Live Events only available to SELT for large scale events. vs. vs

Message from WAB IT Support: will be auto redirected to if your network location resides in China mainland. We received official answer from zoom tech support and to explain the impact to our end user. Please let us know if you have any questions about this.

  • For users that are in China Mainland, Zoom require mobile phone authentication restricted by regulation when starting/joining a meeting.
  • For those users who are outside of China Mainland, they are also required to perform mobile phone authentication when joining a meeting hosted in China Mainland. meetings are limited to 40 minutes on the free account, have free unlimited meetings during CoronaVirus period. and are the same company - is owned by a different company.


  • Zoom does NOT work in Abu Dhabi and
  • does NOT integrate with TEAMS. 

Security & Privacy in Zoom calls

Sign up for recommended - still part of and compatible between the systems abroad and in China - Not recommended as not part of but a third party - Huawan.


Sign up

Using Zoom on two devices simultaneously

If you are using your laptop for a Zoom video call, you can also share your iPad screen with your meeting participants.  So they (i.e. students) can still see you on the laptop cam but then they can also see whatever you display on your iPad (i.e. scribbling maths stuff on EE or EduCreations).  As the iPad sharer, you can also still easily see the videos of other participants plus chat window and participant window, which are all displayed on your laptop screen.

Two things not mentioned on the video:

  • When you click on the iPhone/IPad via AirPlay icon it asks you to install a plugin.  Quick. Easy
  • if you happened to have two wifi networks in your house, both the laptop and wifi have to be on the same network for AirPlay to work.

A screencast of this can be found below

Automatically save a Zoom Chat

Setting up Breakout rooms