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Creating Cultures of Thinking: Global Thinking

Resources for "Creating Cultures of Thinking: The Eight Forces We Must Master To Truly Transform Our Schools" by Ron Ritchhart of Project Zero at HGSE. [Guide by Stephen Taylor for Western Academy Beijing]

There are many resources available to help inspire and tune-in to interdisciplinary teaching & learning. One of the main authors of the MYP IDU Guide*, Project Zero's Veronica Boix Mansilla, also leads projects on global and interdisciplinary thinking and migration. Some resources adapted from her work are below. More are on the Creating Cultures of Thinking guide, and it is worth visiting Reimagining Migration

* and the super-useful 2012 document "Teaching The Disciplines in the MYP: Nurturing Big Ideas and Deep Understanding

The PZ Global Thinking Bundle

An ID-Global Bundle to Foster Global Thinking Dispositions Through Global Thinking Routines

Click here to download PZ's Global Thinking bundle, (original pdf by PZ) including:

  • What is global thinking and what are the dispositions?
  • What is the model of Global Competence?
  • What are the Global Thinking Routines and what kind of teaching do we need?
  • The Global Thinking Routines Toolkit
  • Research & References

These resources are designed to support schools in developing global competence through disciplinary & interdisciplinary study. 

See below graphics adapted from this work. 

Broadly considered, global competence dispositions include:

  • A disposition to inquire about the world (for example, engaging with questions of significance, exploring local-global connections, and seeking information beyond familiar environments, describing, explaining and developing a position about the world).
  • A disposition to understand multiple perspectives--others’ and their own (for example, considering cultural contexts, resisting stereotypes, and valuing our shared human dignity-- especially as students interact with others whose paths differ greatly from their own).
  • A disposition toward respectful dialog (communicating across differences listening generously, sharing courageously, openly and appropriately given their audience and context).
  • A disposition toward taking responsible action (being inclined to see and frame opportunities to improve conditions, and collaborating with others, and mobilize themselves to act).

Veronica Boix Mansilla

Veronica Boix Mansilla is a Principal Investigator and Steering Committee member at Project Zero, Harvard Graduate School of Education, where she leads the IdGlobal Project and chairs the Future of Learning Institute.

She is the author of multiple papers and books including “Educating for Global Competence: Preparing our youth to engage the world” (2011) with Tony Jackson. Her work is foundational in the "Fostering Interdisciplinary Teaching & Learning" IB MYP Guide

Reimagining Migration

Visit to learn more about this Project Zero work and how it might connect to our work as an IB World School. Could this inspire ID thinking? 

Global Thinking Routines

Graphics to summarize the four routines in the Global Thinking Toolkit. If you use these, make sure you read the explanations and hints in the source document: GLOBAL Thinking: AN ID-GLOBAL BUNDLE TO FOSTER GLOBAL THINKING DISPOSITIONS THROUGH GLOBAL THINKING ROUTINES

PDF files of the posters are here or on Stephen's blog