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Creating Cultures of Thinking: Opportunities

Resources for "Creating Cultures of Thinking: The Eight Forces We Must Master To Truly Transform Our Schools" by Ron Ritchhart of Project Zero at HGSE. [Guide by Stephen Taylor for Western Academy Beijing]

OPPORTUNITIES: Crafting the Vehicles for Learning


Chapter Summary

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Development of a Culture of Thinking Self-Assessment


  1. The teacher ensures that rich thinking opportunities are woven into the fabric of his/her teaching and students aren't just engaged in work or activity. 
  2. Students' attention is focused on big subject matter issues, important ideas in the world, and in meaningful connections within the discipline and beyond. 
  3. Opportunities are provided for students to direct their own thinking and become independent learners. 
  4. Time is spent to select content and stimuli for class consideration in order to provoke thinking. 
  5. The teacher provides opportunities to reflect on how one's thinking about a topic has changed and developed over time. 

Authentic Assessment: 27 Characteristics by Grant Wiggins