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Creating Cultures of Thinking: PZ PD

Resources for "Creating Cultures of Thinking: The Eight Forces We Must Master To Truly Transform Our Schools" by Ron Ritchhart of Project Zero at HGSE. [Guide by Stephen Taylor for Western Academy Beijing]

Professional Learning with Project Zero: Cohort Study Online Courses


In collaboration with Project Zero, Professional Education at Harvard Graduate School of Education (HGSE) is offering online professional education courses that are research-based and grounded in day-to-day teaching and leadership practice — you can apply what you learn, as you learn. In these 13 week long, coach-facilitated, asynchronous online courses, you'll work with peers facing similar challenges and take away real-world solutions, inspiration, and the support of an engaged community.

Each program promotes active, team-based learning that supports collaboration and sharing in schools and districts. Each has its own focus area but they also work well together. 

These courses are now recognized as IB Category 3 workshops

What Courses are available?

Upcoming Term: Feb 24 — May 24, 2020 (link)                REGISTRATION OPEN     COST USD $550. 

Registration Process: 

  1. Find out more about the courses. 
  2. Think about your goals
  3. See the Yammer chat for the announcement (form link)
  4. Stephen will contact those who are interested and complete PD request forms on your behalf.
  5. Stephen will register teams and process invoices after approval is given by Principals. 
  6. Participants will get enrolment instructions from HGSE. Check your spam/junk mail just in case. 
  7. Sectional librarians will order books. 

The PZ Online Learning Experience

Icons by Eucalyp on Flaticon

School Teams are made of 3-6 teachers

Each Team is part of a Study Group with 3-4 other Teams from around the World. 

Study groups are supported by PZ Coaches, who give individual and group feedback. 

There are often many Study Groups in a course. The course is led by PZ Instructors

Course completion and progress is recorded individually.

PZ courses can generate a 45-hour professional learning certificate and count as an IB Cat 3 (continuum) workshop. 

Making Learning Visible

Good for: All Faculty, perhaps best suited to ES. "The Reggio Course".

Course Details: Find out more

Course Outline: Weekly Topics

Project: Making Learning Visible

Learn how to unlock the potential of group learning in your classroom by making learning visible.


Visible Learners: Promoting Reggio-Inspired Approaches in All Schools (Krechevsky et al., 2013)

Cultures of Thinking

Good for: All Faculty

Course Details: Find out more

Course Outline: Weekly Topics

Project: Cultures of Thinking

Learn how cultural forces influence thinking and how you can create a culture that supports deeper learning.


Creating Cultures of Thinking: The 8 Forces We Must Master to Truly Transform Our Schools by Ron Ritchhart


Good for: ES, MS, STEAM etc

Course Details: Find out more

Course Outline: Weekly Topics

Project: Agency by DesignMaking Across the Curriculum

Discover how maker-centered learning prepares students of all ages to thrive in a complex world.


Maker-Centered Learning: Empowering Young People to Shape Their Worlds by Edward P. Clapp, Jessica Ross, Jennifer O. Ryan, Shari Tishman (Jossey-Bass, 2016)

Visible Thinking

Good for: All Faculty

Course Details: Find out more

Course Outline: Weekly Topics

Project: Visible Thinking

Learn how to integrate the tools of “visible thinking” to deepen learning in any setting. See the Visible Thinking website here (or use this LibGuide)


Making Thinking Visible: How to Promote Engagement, Understanding, and Independence for All Learners by Ron Ritchhart et al. (Jossey-Bass, 2011)

Teaching for Understanding

Good for: All Faculty

Course Details: Find out more

Course Outline: Weekly Topics

Project: Teaching for Understanding

Learn to develop robust learning experiences that prepare students for an ever-changing future. A good step to go beyond CCOT/MTV and focus on real understanding. 


Future Wise: Educating Our Children for a Changing World by David N. Perkins (Jossey-Bass, 2014)


Teaching for Understanding Guide by Tina Blythe and Associates (Jossey-Bass, 1998)

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