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WAB Learns

Visual Literacy: Infographics

How to design an effective poster or presentation, infographics and more


PAGES or KEYNOTE are great starting points to create your first Infographic

Pik-to-Chart: Offers templates with a good variety of symbols.   This site has several ready made templates with a selection of icons. Students cannot print their infographic without setting up a paid account. 

Use vector icons for your graphics:

Flat Icons

Noun Project


Questions for consideration when designing your infographic:
  • What platform do you want to use to build the infographic? 
  • What is the theme? 
  • Who is the audience? 
  • What is the key message? 
  • What prior knowledge is needed?
  • How will you tell your story? 
  • What sources are utilized to provide the information? 
  • Are you using data? Are you collecting your own data? If yes, how will you analyze it? 
  • What tools will you use to visualize the data?
  1. Identify your topic. 
  2. Organize your data/research
  3. Sketch and create a storyboard
  4. Use Pages  or an online infographic creator
  5. Choose color scheme 
  6. Always remember to cite your sources

Using what you've learned, how do these three infographics stack up?





Beauty of Data Visualization