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Taking Notes: Ditch the computer! Use a pencil!

Some old ways ARE better...

When personal computers first became a thing, everyone thought it would be a revolution in learning.  If nothing else, note-taking would be so much easier.  No more cramped hands!  Copy and Paste!

Turns out, not so much.

Recent studies show that students learn less when they use the computer to take notes, for many reasons  You're forced to be selective, choose key ideas, noot just type everything that's said / written;   It also helps you summarize and connect concepts.  And, be honest, there are fewer distractions, w/o your WeChat beeping at you every few minutes.

Keep reading for more reasons you might want to kick it old school, haul out the pencils and take notes by hand.  Of course, if you refuse to give up your tech, you can always take notes by hand on an iPad.

imagesource: Flaticon

Improved Conceptual Understanding


source: (Mueller and Oppenheimer, 2014)

hand vs. laptop