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G10: Personal Project: Supervisors & Teachers

Supervisors & Teachers

Welcome to the Personal Project! 

These resources are to support teachers and mentors in guiding our students through the P2 process at WAB. 


What's different in 2019-20? 

MYP P2 is piloting the use of Managebac to manage students' projects. Students' mentors will be able to keep track of their progress in their weekly (Friday) Flex block sessions. This will give higher visibility of student learning, time on task and a reduced paperwork load on the wider community. 


We still need YOU! 

Our learners can connect with you to be inspired, challenged and to make a difference in their action. You can be a primary resource, support, skills coach and/or proofreader for the project. 

Middle & High School Teachers - please make sure you complete the form to show how you can support the students. Responses will be available to mentors and students to help make connections. If you are not a G10 mentor and would like a deeper role in the process, please let Stephen or Amanda know. 

Elementary School Teachers - we'd love to hear from you too! If you are keen to connect with our students, please complete the form





IB Programme Standards & Practices, 2020

MYP Specification
All students in MYP Year 5 complete the personal project, and all students finishing the
programme in Year 3 or 4 complete the community project.
MYP Specification

The school provides opportunities for students to take ownership of their learning through the personal project and community project.