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WAB Learns

Extended Essay: Group 1 / 2

Handouts and resources for the EE

G 1/2 useful databases

Salem Literature

Contains online version of several books of literary criticism in the library. Looks at specific authors, specific works and general themes. Login for detailed selection.

Bloom's Literature

Examines great writers, important works, memorable characters, and influential movements and events in world literature.

CNKI 中国知网

Provides comprehensive and current  critical academic articles, dissertations, proceedings, papers and books from a variety of publishers, research institutions, and information sources in China.

Questia School

For 11-12 only. Online library. Individual accounts.


Arts and Human Sciences database

Proquest Researcher

Offers global coverage on a wide range of subjects: arts, business, current events, education, health, language arts, sciences, social sciences, and more.

EE Subject Report

Comments from examiners about what is good and what needs work from a recent Extended Essay session.  Good to review so you have an idea of a) what they look for while assessing and b) mistakes to avoid.