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Extended Essay: Reflection

Handouts and resources for the EE

Reflection is  an integral part of the EE process (like your process journal for the Personal Project). You are encouraged to keep a Research and Reflection Space (RRS) as a useful tool to develop ideas, think about your process, analyze your source material, plan your research and more. It should be used to:

  • Demonstrate your planning
  • Discuss your learning
  • Evaluate your progress

In addition, you will have three formal reflection sessions with your supervisor, to be assessed as part of the RPPF.  You will find a chart to explain the different kinds of meetings with your supervisor below, and other tabs will go into more detail about each of the reflection sessions.



ManageBac:  Perhaps the easiest option is simply to use the journal option in the EE section of ManageBac. Apart from normal blogging, this allows you to post images, videos, links and files to document your thinking/progress. It has the added advantage of being easily accessible to your supervisor, and being a "one stop shop" for most things EE.

Evernote:  Another good option--Can hold all of the media above, with the added bonus of having a voice option for recording your thoughts/reflections.  Easy to share with your supervisor.

OneNote:  Similar to EverNote.  Can record audio, etc.