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G08: L&L Unwind Novel Study: Home

Literature as an exploration of rights, justice, fairness and civic responsibility

Statement of Inquiry

Statement of inquiry:
Dystopian literature can inspire our exploration of rights, justice, fairness and civic responsibility.

Factual  Question

  • What are the elements of dystopian literature?
  • What is civic responsibility?

Conceptual Question

  • How do authors use dystopian settings to appeal to the reader's sense of justice, fairness and civic responsibility?
  • What is the relationship between dystopias and utopias?
  • What is the relationship between science fiction and dystopian literature?

Debatable  Question

  • Is fairness a necessity for a peaceful and happy society?
  • When can you become a credible political voice? What power do you have as a teenager?
  • Does dystopian literature inspire us or make us more cynical about authority and power?

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Luna Wang


Brittanica School
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