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MS Mathematics: Math at home

Math at Home

Many parents ask how they can help their child with math at home. Games are a great way to support mathematical thinking in a more relaxed way. The math department has shared a number of ways to incorporate math into your family time. Many of the games below are available on Taobao, and where possible we have included a search term to help.

Activities are organized into board games, card games, and websites for math discussions.

Board Games


Card Games

Card Game Make 24:

Each player is dealt four cards from the deck and they must use all four cards to create an equation with a solution of 24 using elementary operations (+ – x ÷). This is a great game that encourages use of all four operations plus parentheses and the use of order of operations. For 7th grade and up have them write an expression in the correct format.

Math Boggle
Practice Concept(s): Arithmetic (Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division)

Change it up:
Make the game more challenging by using all of the cards: add in the Jack, Queen, and King (J=11, Q=12, and K=13).

Closest To: Comparing Fractions 
Practice Concept(s): Fractions

Target Number
Practice Concept(s): Arithmetic (Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division


Recommended books