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DP Dance: Citing Your Sources

Subject Guide for IB Dance


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MLA Citations

Book with one author

Last name, First name. Title of source. Publisher, date of publication.

EX: Fleming, Thomas. Liberty! The American Revolution. Viking. 1997

Parenthetical (Fleming 38)

Book by multiple authors

Last name, First, and First name, Last. Title of Source. Publisher, date of publication

EX: Thorn, Roger and June Cartwright. The Hummingbird House. Macmurray, 1999.

Parenthetical (Thorn and Cartwright 123)


List the works alphabetically, by title (ignore words like "the" and "an.") Provide author's name for first title only

EX:  Hartford, William J. Austen and New Historicism. St. Martin's, 1987.

            -----                     Movies of the Sixties: A Social History. Southern Illinois UP, 1993.  


 Label images / charts / maps:   Fig 1, Fig 2, etc

CITATION: Artist. Title (or description) of Source. Name of container, publisher, publication date. URL

EX1 (painting): Goya, Francisco. "The Family of Charles IV."  Museo Nacional del Prado, May 22.

EX2 (photo)   Applewhite, Scott.  "U.S. President Trump giving speech." The Guardian, Guardian News and Media, Mar 3,     2018.                   

Parenthetical: (see Fig. 1)

TABLES:  Do the same, but call them Table 1, Table 2  etc.


Article from an online database:  You may have ONE or TWO containers to document here, depending on whether the source article comes from a journal, or was written by the database company.

Last name, First. Title of Source. Title of Container 1 (e.g. name of journal). Volume, number, date of publication, location (pg #s). Title of Container 2 (database). URL

EX: Langhamer, Clare. "Love and Courtship in Victorian England." Historical Journal. Vol 5o. No 1. pp. 173-86. ProQuest

Name of subject. Personal Interview. Date

EX: Whitehurst, Daniel.  Personal Interview. 5 Mar 2003.

Email interview

Author. "Subject Line." Message to your name. Date.

EX:  Depp, Johnny.  "RE: Your Artistic Vision." Message to Erica Jonsdottr. 1 Dec 2003.



Last Name, First (of the uploader). "Video Title." Title of Container. Role of relevant contributors, first and last names. Publisher, publication date, Location.

EX:  Run4u. "See Spot Run." YouTube. 1 Feb 2005.

EX: "Gene Map of Brain Offers Hope." The News Hour with Jim Lehrer. Producer, Muhammad Ahmed. PBS. 2 Feb 2010.


For Films, documentaries, etc. The names you include depend on your focus: Director if you're discussing the film in general, actors if you're looking at performance, Screenwriter if you're looking at dialogue, etc.

Last Name, First (role). Title of Film.  Studio/Distributor. Year published.

EX:  Scorsese, Martin (director).  Shutter Island. Paramount, 2010.

Let's say you're reading  your Econ textbook, and they quote Paul Krugman saying something brilliant about economic theory.  You want to use that quotation in your essay.  Here's how you do it:

1) Cite your Econ textbook in the Works Cited list.

            Ziogas, Constantine. Economics for the IB Diploma. Oxford University Press, 2014.

2)  In your essay, use the quotation. Your parenthetical mentions the author you're quoting, and where the quote came from.

                   Krugman argues that Keynesian "trickle down" theory left the country in economic tatters (Krugman, qtd in Ziogas  38).

Author of quoted source. "Title of article or speech." Title of publication (if available). "Title of Handout." Handout. Name of course. (Name of teacher). Name of school. Date of handout.

EX:  King, Martin Luther Jr. . "I Have a Dream."  Famous Speeches for Analysis. Handout. Language and Literature, (Darren Rix). WAB, Mar 2013.

If the author is named, include it. Otherwise, just use the title of the page.  Also be careful:  there are different types of websites: Online newspapers/magazines, blogs, etc. 

Author. "Title of Source." Title of Website.  Publisher, date published. URL

EX:  Clapton, Jennifer. "Exercise Yourself to Death?" WebMD. 22 Feb 2018.

EX:  Krugman, Paul. "A Ranting Old Guy with Nukes." New York Times. New York Times Company. 03 March 2018.

When using sources in another language , you must translate names and titles into their English versions.  Put the translation in parenthesis behind the original.  See below for examples.