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DP Economics: Library Resources

Subject Guide for DP Econ


suggested titles

Economics DeMystified

An introduction to economics that covers fundamental concepts including supply and demand, macro- and microeconomics, consumer price index, and monetary policy in clear language and includes charts, graphs, quizzes, and a final exam with explained answers.

Economics Basics

Contains essays that provide information about economics subjects, covering monetary and fiscal theory, growth and development, labor and population, quantitative methods, advertising, and general, industrial, international, welfare, and resource economics; arranged alphabetically from A-to-Inv.

The Economics Book

Provides explanations and step-by-step diagrams on economics, with quotes and witty illustrations to enhance understanding of its concepts.

The Cartoon Introduction to Economics

Uses cartoons and humor to introduce readers to the history and concepts of macroeconomics, explaining how economies grow and why economies collapse.


Presents an introduction to microeconomics, providing an overview of its basic concepts and laws, including hundreds of worked examples with solutions, and providing chapter quizzes and a final exam.

50 Economics Classics

 50 Economics Classics is the smart person's guide to two centuries of discussion of finance, capitalism and the global economy. From Adam Smith's Wealth of Nations to Thomas Piketty's bestseller Capital in the Twenty-First Century, here are the great reads, seminal ideas and famous texts clarified and illuminated for all.

Worldmark Global Business and Economy Issues

 Topics and organization have been closely aligned with the 2014 IB syllabi for Business and Management and for Economics courses and as such the work is divided into two thematic volumes, each with 45 essays"

Academic Databases

Ebsco Discovery Service (EDS) is a tool for searching ALL of the WAB databases.  Please start here when you begin your research.  As you move through the results, the links may take you into other databases.  You will likely need usernames and passwords to access the different databases. 

For all subjects

Also useful for Geography / Econ EE's on Chinese topics.