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EE: Citations/In-Text/Formatting

Extended Essay Resources

MLA vs APA Citations and Formatting

MLA/APA Format includes: Citations, In-text Citations, Page formatting (margins, paragraphing, titles, subtitles, headers and footers, pagination, font).

IB does not care what style of formatting you use as long as everything is done consistently (the same each time) and completely (all necessary information provided to locate sources of information and avoid plagiarism).  MLA formatting is generally used in English, Modern Languages, History, Economics, Business, Art, Music, Film, Theater (sometimes in ESS, Mathematics, ITGS & Computer Science).  APA formatting is generally used in Psychology, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics (sometimes in ESS, Mathematics, ITGS & Computer Science).

Online Resources



Citation Tools

Noodle Tools (MLA & APA)-Formats Works Cited for you, editable in order to correct mistakes, creates your in-text citations for you.  Also offers note-taking and outlining/organizing features and archiving and annotating of websites and documents.

EasyBib (MLA only)

Citation Machine (MLA & APA)

My Bib (MLA & APA)- free online login- NEW and improving