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Microsoft Office: Excel

Training & Support resources for Office 365

Making the Most of Microsoft... Excel.

Excel can do a lot of the heavy work of data processing, presentation & analysis. 

With some simple strategies and good organisation, you can make the most of this powerful tool. 

Tutorials are arranged by level below. If you need support/workshops, ask your EdTech coach. 

Excel Online Tutorials from the Microsoft Training Center

Excel Help Center: 

A stopwatch symbol 
Quick start
Pointer and hand symbols 
Intro to Excel
A table with columns 
Rows & columns
An Excel cell symbol 
Formatted letter symbols 
A calculator symbol 
Formulas & functions
A table symbol 
A chart symbol 
An Excel PivotTable symbol 
Three dots with two lines showing sharing from one to the other two 
Share & co-author
An Excel document with an arrow shape 
Take a tour
Download template >
An Excel document shape with fx for functions 
Formula tutorial
Download template >
An Excel document with pivot arrows 
Make your first PivotTable
Download template >
PivotTables symbol with a plus sign 
Get more out of PivotTables
Download template >


Tutorials from other sources

Beginner's Guide to Excel for Mac

Intermediate Guide to Excel for Mac


Try This...

Using some data you have for class or a project: 

  • Determine the best format for presenting the data. What type of graph do you need? Why? 
  • Determine what calculcations (processing) are needed to be able to make that graph. 
  • Have a go! 

Excel Courses Online

Tiger Tube Tutorials

Making Tables In Excel

Creating & Formatting Simple Graphs in Excel