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WAB Faculty & Staff

Learning at WAB: Home

Bringing our definition of learning to life through our FLoW21 Targets and relationship with other organisations.

Learning at WAB is a transformative process which is intentional and iterative, challenging and joyful, and serves an authentic purpose. 

The purpose of this guide is to support the development of teaching and learning towards FLoW21 targets, in alignment with the NEASC ACE Learning Principlesthe standards and practices of the IB Programmes (PYP, MYP, DP) and the standards and benchmarks for CIS


These organisations support and are supported by the work of our school.

This guide seeks to make the connections clear and practical. 


How Will This Come To Life In Teaching & Learning?

Outline how we will use this guide

Top tabs are the NEASC learning principles

  • connect to IB S&Ps
  • give examples and resources