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HS Academic Integrity Review: Ethical Practice


What is meant by ethical scholarship?

Good scholarship means three things. It means:

Being honest and principaled

You must be honest about what is your own work and what isn't, and about where you got your information

Listing all your sources

                              Research using different sources of information is an important part of work at WAB. Being an ethical researcher and a good scholar means listing all your sources and correctly citing each source.

Using your own words

Communicate what you have learnt in your own words. This isn't always easy to do but it is very important and really worth the effort.

Key attributes of good scholarship:

  • Being an effective researcher
  • Applying effective study habits


excerpt from: HSC: All My Own Work

As a student you have a responsibility to:

  • understand what is required of you
  • fulfill the school's requirements for your study
  • be fair and honest in all aspects of your work
  • respect the rights and integrity of your peers and teachers
  • make sure your work is your own.

As a student you have a right to expect:

  • respect from your peers and your teachers
  • clear information about what is required in your assessment tasks and assignments
  • guidance about how to improve your work.






excerpted from: HSC All My Own Work

Discuss the Scenario

Ethical or not?

You are working on a paper for your history class.  You find information from several sources:  in books, journal articles, and online.  When using your sources, you forget which information came from which source, You decide as long as you cite most of the sources, it doesn't really matter where they came from and you will just do your best.