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AI at WAB - Parents: Ethics & Integrity

Ethics & Integrity in AI


As we move faster into a world shaped by AI and technology, it is critical to consider the ethical implications of the work, and to ensure that the benefits of AI are felt by all people and the planet.

Some key issues in AI ethics include: 

  • Equity & Fairness and the human costs of AI
  • Sustainability and the environmental costs of AI 
  • Avoiding Biases & Discrimination
  • Safety & Safeguarding
  • Academic Integrity & Fair Use of Imagery

"Academic integrity is a principle in education and a choice to act in a responsible way so others can trust us. It means conducting all aspects of your academic life in a responsible and ethical manner. The IB expects students to produce genuine and authentic pieces of work, that represent their own abilities." IB. 2022

Image: Robot-tiger caring for cub, generated by Stephen in DALL-E 2. 

UNESCO Guide to GenAI in Education & Research

UNESCO Guidance

If you only have time to read one thing, read this guide. 

1. What is GenAI & how does it work?
2. Controversies & Implications for Education
3. Regulating GenAI in Education
4. Towards a Policy Framework for Education & Research
5. Facilitating Creative Use of GenAI in Education & Research
6. GenAI & the Future of Education & Research

The graphics below are adaptations from the Policy section.

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AI Ethics Resources

Discussions of Ethics in AI

UNICEF Policy Guidance - AI For Children

UNESCO Ethics of AI