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WAB Learns

G06: Sciences Renewable Energy: Climate Change

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How to curb climate change

Six Degrees

Watch Chapter 4:

By the year 2100, many scientists believe that Earth's average temperature could rise by as much as 6 degrees Celsius. Join National Geographic on a degree-by-degree journey to explore what each rising degree could mean for the future of the planet and its inhabitants. This program illustrates how global warming has already affected coral reefs in Australia, the ice sheet of Greenland and the Amazon rainforest, describes possible future effects of increased global warming and discusses ways to increase energy efficiency and keep Earth's average temperature from increasing to the point of no return.

Breathing Earth

Global Sea Level

Online sources

Climate Change

Bill Nye the Science Guy takes a look at the possible causes of global warming in this live-action program. Viewers will find out how scientists measure climate change, see how carbon dioxide affects the temperature of Earth's atmosphere and learn about fossil fuels and increases in atmospheric greenhouse gas concentrations. Part of The Eyes of Nye series.

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