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G06: I&S What is Fair?: Home

Statement of Inquiry

Statement of Inquiry

Time, place and space can impact the fairness and development of peoples' rights.



  • What are rights? What's fair?
  • What is the Declaration of Human Rights? What is the UNCRC? (Rights of the Child)
  • What is a graphic organizer?
  • How can we organize our information?
  • What does it mean by fairness to all?
  • How are peoples rights being challenged or taken away?
  • What does it mean by cause and consequence?
  • What are the Sustainable Development Goals? How can we take action?
  • What does it mean "by time, place and space"?


  • How does society treat people according to gender, race, age or ability?
  • Whose responsibility is it to ensure everyone has basic human rights?


  • Are rights universal? Should they be the same for every human, regardless of time, place, and space?

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Luna Wang



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