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G08: Design Thinking Outside the Box: Home

Statement of Inquiry

Outside boxUnderstanding form, function and available resources play a pivotal role in the development of a product


Create novel solutions to authentic problems   Thinking - Creative thinking
Give and receive meaningful feedback   Communication - Interaction
Select and use technology effectively and productively   Self management - Organization

Global Context

Scientific and technical innovation



  • What defines a suitable storage space?
  • What does my client need a storage space for?
  • What are the different types of joints that I can use to make a box and what properties do they all have?
  • What are the different tools available for us to use for this project?


  • How does our understanding of our client needs help us to develop a product that they will find useful?


  • In the world of cloud computing and mass production do we still actually need custom made methods of storage?

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Luna Wang