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Information Literacy: 5. Other Sources

Using Google Scholar

Keep in mind that Google is not transparent about the journals or time ranges it indexes, and publishers occasionally request that Google Scholar not index their publications. Non-scholarly and/or non-peer reviewed material may also appear in Google Scholar, so it is best used in conjunction with other search tools.

Like other Google search products, Google Scholar starts with a basic search blank. You might need the results of more specific searches - access the Advanced Search via the expansion menu on the left side of the page.


Screenshot of Google Scholar showing the expansion menu in the upper left


Enter your search terms in the blanks. To search for exact phrases, put your search terms in quotes.

Sometimes the item you might want doesn't have a full text link. If this happens, you can try:

  • Click on the All # versions link to see if other versions, such as preprints, might be available

Here's an example of the item being available through the All 9 versions link:

And here's what we find on the next page:

Results of clicking on All 9 Versions in Google Scholar

In this case, you find PDFs posted elsewhere. 



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