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Podcasting: Recording & editing

Podcasting with Garage Band

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Snowball microphones

Recording Tips

  • Choose a quiet setting: Ideally you want to be in a sound-proof space, but with the right mic and a quiet space, you can still get great audio. Try to find a quiet space with minimal ambient noise. You might consider turning off the air conditioning or heating unit or other appliances that may be producing noise.
  • Wear headphones: Headphones help isolate the audio, helping you catch any problems in your narration or audio.
  • Place your microphone strategically: Don't be too close or too far away from the microphone. The appropriate distance between your mouth and the microphone is 8 to 12 inches. This prevents "popping" noises and heavy breathing in your recording.
  • Check your levels: Your microphone levels should never peak "into the red" while recording. The optimal point for your microphone levels is just below the red.
  • Speak clearly and articulate your words: Remember to speak conversationally, as if speaking to a friend. Sit in a chair and sit up straight. Sound confident!
  • Listen to the audio playback: Always listen to the audio you recorded to make sure that the audio levels are okay. If you find yourself lowering or raising the volume on your speakers, you will probably need to start over. 


Editing Tips

When you're editing, make sure you give yourself enough time to go through all the raw files. Depending on the size of the project and the quality level you need to meet, editing can take up hours more than you have recorded. Don't be surprised by how much of a time investment cutting and splicing will really be.