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NoodleTools For Teachers: Create an Account

How to Create a New NoodleTools Account

If you are logging in to WAB's NoodleTools subscription for the first time, you will need to create a new account.

1. Access THIS LINK to be taken to the WAB NoodleTools login. Sign in with Microsoft.

2. Select the school section you are in.


3. Indicate whether you are a student or a teacher.


4. If you have previously had a Noodle Tools account, a Link NoodleTools account screen will appear.


3. Choose from the following options

  • If you have an account already Link it.
  • If you don't have an account select Create a new account.
  • If you are a teacher click I am a Teacher or librarian Click Submit.



4. As a teacher, choose your school section

  • NOTE: if you are a mentor for P2 or EE or work with students from another section besides your own choose other. This is so that you can see their submissions and they can see your inboxes.





5. You will now be taken to the Projects page

  • This is where you can create your own projects or create in-boxes for student submissions.