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MS Writing Tools: G6

Tips and tools for writing in Middle School in all subjects

OREO Opinion Writing

Transition Words G6

Some TEA Paragraph Transition Words  

Pick a transition word to introduce your reason: 


Text Box

Pick a transition word to introduce your example or evidence: 

Text Box 

Pick a transition word to introduce the first analysis sentence 

Text Box

Pick a transition word to choose to introduce the final concluding analysis sentence 

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What are the TEA sentences anyway?

Some TEA Paragraph Sentences 

Hook - a hook is optional if you are writing under pressure and can't think of one. 

Topic Sentence - Start with a clearly defined topic sentence. You can say what you will argue or explain within the paragraph.

Transition into an reason #1 - (Firstly, To begin, At the start of the story...)

Example - Reason needs to be clear, defined and to the point. If it is a quote or idea from text or film be sure to include line numbers of page numbers or scenes from a movie.

Transition to the example/evidence #1  - This is where you really explain your example in detail. At least 3-4 sentences. (For example, In other words, When... )

Transition into example #2  - (Secondly, Another reason, Also... part way through the film we see...) 

Example #2 - State the second reason and be sure to be clear, defined and to the point. If it is a quote or idea from text or film be sure to include line numbers of page numbers or scenes from a movie.

Transition into an explanation/analysis  - This is where you explain your example in detail. Could be possibly 3-4 sentences.

First analysis sentence  - This is where you show your opinion or make a connection.  (This proves, This is significant because, Therefore...)

Conclusion - Strong summary finish connected to the topic (Therefor, In Summary, In conclusion, Finally, Consequently) 

OREO Transition Words

TEA (Topic Evidence Analysis Sentences) Paragraph Checklist

Checklist Check off when complete
1. I wrote a clear, strong topic sentence  
2. I used transition words correctly for my reasons, evidence and analysis  
3. Using my xxx I explained xxx with evidence from the book.  
4. I showed transition words correctly for my reasons, evidence and two analysis/concluding sentences   
5. I wrote how the character has changed and been impacted by events  
6. I wrote what the character has learned about themselves and others  
7.Analysis: Connect to any big ideas or themes in the book and give your opinion  
8. Concluding sentence: Finish with a strong concluding sentence  
9. Edit your draft properly by reading aloud each time and show the edits in red
  • Punctuation
  • Grammar and tense
  • Spelling
  • Variety of vocabulary and transition words
  • Clear reasons and evidence without repetition

Analysis TEA Paragraph

Green=Topic sentence

Yellow = Transition words

Blue = Reasons (Clear, defined and to the point)

Pink = All examples and evidence explained clearly (more than one sentence)

Orange=First analysis sentence (opinion, connection)

Dark orange= Second concluding sentence (Strong summary finish)

My character Cinderella showed several physical and emotional traits throughout the story which changed her internally. Firstly, Cinderella had to complete many physical chores and endure some harsh beatings. For example, in the story Cinderella learned to quickly complete chores for her stepmother and stepsisters without question. She quietly accepted the beatings as she knew to resist would be hopeless. This showed she was building inner strength and resilience. Another survival trait that Cinderella demonstrated was hope. For instance, hope arrived when she met her Fairy Godmother who offered her an opportunity of a lifetime to escape her situation. Also, Cinderella showed a strong inner resolve when she met the prince. This is important because she didn’t throw herself at him when she met him like her ghastly stepsisters. Instead she waited patiently for him to find her, by using her shoe as a clue. With reflection, Cinderella showed temperance in waiting to get out of her dire circumstances. She first built inner strength and did not let her previous years of abuse define her. In conclusion, Cinderella survived by demonstrating grit and determination. She never gave up on believing that her situation would improve.