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G06: L&L Paying it Forward: Home

Statement of Inquiry

paying it forwardEmpathy and stories play an important role in language and literature learning communities

Factual  Question

  • What elements define a language and literature classroom community?
  • What shared values and beliefs do we have as language learners?
  • What activities and experiences do we all want to see in our class community this year? 

Conceptual Question

  • How does sharing play a role in creating a thriving learning community?
  • In what ways does empathy and kindness lead to stronger communities?  
  • What role do stories play in our language and literature community?
  • How do we show, share and reflect on our learning in English Language and Literature?

Debatable  Question

  • Are all stories of equal importance?
  • Do non-fiction stories impact our perspectives more than fiction? 

Teacher Librarian

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Luna Wang


Brittanica School
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