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WAB Learns

G06: Sciences Bootcamp: Home

Statement of Inquiry

bootcampLogical conclusions are based on accurate measurement and observations


  • Take responsibility for one’s own actions   Social - Collaboration
  • Keep an organized and logical system of information files/notebooks   Self management - Organization
  • Collect, record and verify data   Research - Information literacy
  • Give and receive meaningful feedback   Communication - Interaction
  • Make inferences and draw conclusions   Communication - Language

Global Context

Scientific and technical innovation



  • What are safety rules in a scientific investigation?
  • How do you measure accurately?
  • Can you identify independent, dependent, and control variables?
  • What is the difference between qualitative and quantitative observations?


  • How do scientists ensure data is usable and fair?


  • Is accurately collected data always fair?

Teacher Librarian / Technology Integrator

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Nadine Bailey