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G07: PHE Net Games Badminton: Overview


Badminton is classified as a net game. The main aim of the game is for players to send a shuttle over the net towards the court area that an opponent is defending.

In China, badminton is continually becoming more popular with about 100 million active players at this stage. Currently the country has so many second and third tier Chinese badminton players that they could directly play on the national team if they played for other countries.

The aim of the unit is for students to understand and implement the rules of badminton. Learn and practice different serves, shots, and clears, and become efficient in playing competitive badminton against an opponent. 

Assessment Criterion

Criterion C – Applying and Performing

Students need to demonstrate and apply correct serves, clears and attacking shots in competitive badminton situations. They should aim to put their opponent at a disadvantage and take advantage of their mistakes. This would showcase that they understand correct court movement skills and the general rules of play of competitive badminton. Students should also be able to improve their gameplay in badminton based on feedback given and by reading their opponents.

Assessment Task:

Students will play several singles matches to demonstrate their learning and skills.