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G07: Design Packaging: Home

Statement of Inquiry


  • Use a variety of media to communicate with a range of audiences (Communication - Interaction)
  • Share ideas with multiple audiences using a variety of digital environments and media (Communication - Interaction)
  • Plan short and long-term assignments; meet deadlines (Self management - Organization)
  • Select and use technology effectively and productively (Self management - Organization)
  • Propose and evaluate a variety of solutions (Thinking - Critical thinking)
  • Practise visible thinking strategies and techniques (Thinking - Creative thinking)

Global Context

  • Identities and relationships



  • What is packaging design?
  • What elements should be included in a product package design?
  • What is persuasion? The power of persuasion. The power of the message.
  • How is packaging made?
  • How do you make a packaging net?


  • Why do companies spend resources in creating innovative packaging?
  • How can we use graphic design concepts to create innovative packaging?
  • May the packaging of a product affect the brand’s identity?
  • How is packaging important to a company’s business development?


  • Packaging must have a purpose after the consumer has unpacked the product. Do you agree?
  • The packaging of a product is as important as the product itself. Do you agree?
  • How can packaging persuade customers to buy the product?
  • A company's choice of packaging materials says as much about them as the graphics that are placed on these materials. Do you agree?


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Luna Wang