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WAB Faculty & Staff

G08: Advisory: Self Awareness

SEL Self-Awareness Books


The ability to accurately recognize one’s own emotions, thoughts, and values and how they influence behaviour. The ability to accurately assess one’s strengths and limitations, with a well-grounded sense of confidence, optimism, and a “growth mindset.”  


WAB Core Value: Learner Centered// ATL: Communication Skills  

  • Recognizing strengths
  • Values 
  • Accurate self-perception
  • Self-confidence
  • Self-efficacy

Our values define us

VIA Character Strengths

Self Awareness

The following themes are covered in books about self-awareness:

  • What's in a Name; being in between culture, identity and language, literal and metaphorical transformation of self
  • Self and family/ self and community/ family rituals and traditions and rootedness, sense of home 
  • Existential issues, establishing one's identity, coming to terms with one's differentness, body/image issues; recognizing strengths needs and values; confidence hope and self-esteem and self-efficacy
  • Invisibility, imagination, neglectful parents; resorting to imagination to cope
  • LGBT issues, gender identity, gay families
  • Identifying and recognizing emotions; sibling relations; passing of the seasons
  • Spirituality, faith, festive traditions celebrating religions

Credit to: Dr. Myra Bacsal NIE Singapore

What is Self Awareness

Increase your self-awareness

Fixed vs Growth Mindset

Feelings Wheel