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G08: Design Not Wired for Sound: Home

Statement of Inquiry

Not wired for soundInnovative use of resources can change the way systems are formed and how they function


  • Troubleshoot systems and applications   Thinking - Critical thinking
  • Consider multiple alternatives, including those that might be unlikely or impossible   Thinking - Creative thinking
  • Design improvements to existing machines, media and technologies   Thinking - Creative thinking
  • Transfer current knowledge to learning of new technologies   Thinking - Transfer
  • Create plans to prepare for summative assessments (examinations and performances)   Self management - Organization

Global Context

Scientific and technical innovation



  • What are the main components inside a wireless speaker?
  • Does the way a speaker is constructed affect the way it sounds?
  • Does the choice of materials affect the way the speaker sounds?
  • Does the shape of the speaker have an affect on the way a speaker sounds?


  • How does designing a speaker relate to systems?


  • The aesthetic of a speaker is not important. It is all about the music. Do you agree?

Teacher Librarian / Technology Integrator

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Nadine Bailey