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G08: Dragon's Den: Home

IDU between Design and I&S

Statement of Inquiry


  • What (natural) systems aren’t working? 
  • Is there a system or innovation you can create to improve the world?
  • How can the Design Process system be used to create positive change?

Statement of Inquiry

Sustainable globalization requires innovative systems

Shared Related concepts:

Sustainability, innovation

Global Context:

Globalization and Sustainability

Factual questions:

  • Define sustainability and identify sustainable systems.
  • What do we mean by systems?
  • How are human and natural systems different?
  • What are some examples of non-sustainable systems that need to be addressed.

Conceptual questions:

  • How can our understanding of the design cycle help us develop innovative systems
  • What is necessary to design a sustainable solution that has the potential to positively affect the world?
  • How can we communicate our ideas in a clear and concise manner?

Teacher Librarian / Technology Integrator

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Nadine Bailey