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WAB Learns

G08: L&L What if?: AI2041

Key Takeaways

Story 2, Gods Behind The Masks, goes deep into #DeepFake

Story 4, Contactless Love, projects the very long tail of #covid

Story 6, The Holy Driver, explores the transitions to #autonomous_driving

Story 8, The Job Savior, insight into future of #work

AI Writing Tools - Linked to Story 8

Story 10, Dreaming Of Plentitude, predicts a post-scarcity future of money, energy, economies

Story 1, The Golden Elephant, explores #DeepLearning

Story 3, Twin Sparrows, thinks about possible futures of #learning

Story 5, My Haunting Idol, imagines a pop superfan #AR/VR/XR

Story 7, Quantum Genocide touches on #cryptocurrency #quantum_computing

Story 9, The Isle Of Happiness, imagines AI-optimised experiences, and #AI 'concierges'

Kai Fu Lee at CHMLive! - Computer History Museum: AI2041 Book Talk

Video: Dr. Kai Fu Lee at CHMLive! 2021, produced by the Computer History Museum. At the 1:04:55 mark he answers a question from WAB about the future of learning! 

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