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MYP for Parents: Feedback

Parent information and workshop resources

Some question stems to support learning at home. De-stress assessment and help learners take ownership of their feedback. 

  • What is the intended learning behind what you are doing? 
  • What are some learning strategies your teachers recommend to help you be successful?
  • How are you managing your resources and organisation for this task?
  • How can you manage your time and energy to best approach this task? Will it work best in "bursts" or extended focus?
  • How are you making sure your time (especially online) is time well spent? 
  • How are you accessing and taking action on feedback from your teachers (use the graphic below)? 


The Understanding Map from Project Zero at Harvard Graduate School of Education is a useful tool to frame conversations and interactions around thinking. 

  • Open-ended, thinking-focused questions can help parents support learning without generating "process-related" stress or conflict. 


For more support on how to "Create A Culture of Thinking" at home, please see this page, including "9 Apps for Parents"

How Can I Make Use Of Feedback?