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WAB Learns

Strategy Board: Board/SELT Retreat

March 31 Board & SELT Retreat

Board Goal: quantitative and qualitative descriptions of our “ideal WAB student profile” and the types of (post-WAB) impacts our alumni should be equipped to make because of -- at least in part -- their WAB learning experience.

WAB Pathways to Graduation

Strategy & Accreditation Updates

The two main areas of strategic focus have been confirmed: 

  • "WAB Alumni will be champions of diversity, equity, inclusion and justice."
  • "WAB Alumni will be agents of sustainable & ethical approaches to living and learning.

More details on the structure of the strategy, and work so far with Faculty, can be found here

We have had a successful CIS Preparatory Evaluation visit, including workshop to prepare for a Deep Dive, Pathway #2: Global Citizenship. This will help with action plans and looking for impact in the areas above. 

IB Learner Profile & Approaches to Learning

Mastery Transcript: Alternative Pathways to Graduation

The Mastery Transcript Consortium is a leading organisaition based in the USA, which is working towards competency-based, portfolio models of university application and acceptance. Their structure could help determine our profiles of a graduate. 

Future-Ready Skills & Competencies Frameworks

Alongside the Approaches to Learning skills, there are frameworks of skills and competencies pertinent to the future of learning. These are some key examples, relevant to the work and direction of WAB. You will notice many similarities and overlaps. 

As part of FLOW21 developments, 2018-19, some work was done to create/visualise a DRAFT Learner Model to capture the essence of a WAB student. Before the pandemic took hold, it reached this stage. Next steps for this would be to identify demonstrable skills and dispositions that could be used as targets and/or evidence for learners. 

WAB Learners in Action

ATL Skills Summary