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Strategy Faculty: Introduction

Strategy Introduction

Strategy 2022+ was developed in 2021 with a student-led, community-wide process called "Portraits of WAB Alumni". 

Through this process, with students in the lead and students at the centre, we aim to focus our strategic planning on areas of impact that will make a difference to the learning and the lives of our community.

Why This Approach?

WAB is a well-established school, with a strong Mission, Core Values, Definition of Learning and partnerships with accrediting agencies.

The current strategic plan, 2015-2021, which includes the FLOW21 work, set a strong path for the development of education at WAB. The challenges of 2020 and beyond, including the global pandemic, have tested international schools around the world, and have necessitated reflection and adjustment of how we provide education. 

What Are We Looking For?

Understanding all of this, our "Portraits of WAB Alumni" approach will help refine our foci as a school, confirm and evaluate our practices and prioritise our actions so that we can ensure lasting, positive impacts of the WAB experience. 

  • What is important now
  • What is important in the future
  • What impacts do we really want for our learners? 
  • What actions do we need to plan to get there? 
  • How will we know we are making progress? 
Portraits of WAB Alumni Intro by Stephen Taylor