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WAB Learns

IDEAS: Inclusion

Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Equality, Access, Social Justice

Books on Belonging


Principles of Inclusive Pedagogy

  • Being Flexible – open to change and versatile
  • Being Equitable – ensuring consistency and accessibility for all
  • Working Collaboratively – involving students and stakeholders
  • Supporting Personalization – recognizing that successful learning and teaching is governed by personal difference
  • Embracing Diversity – creating opportunities to develop awareness of diversity and global issues

Effective Practices in Inclusive Pedagogy

  • Apply Universal Design
  • Diversify Course Materials
  • Cultivate an Inclusive Climate
  • Communicate Sources of Support
  • Be Mindful of Language
  • Build Rapport
  • Examine Your Own Implicit Bias
  • Foster a Growth Mindset

From: Iowa State University Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching See more details & resources

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