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WAB Faculty & Staff

Profile of WAB Alumni: Research & Resources

What are we working towards?

Board Goal: quantitative and qualitative descriptions of our “ideal WAB student profile” and the types of (post-WAB) impacts our alumni should be equipped to make because of -- at least in part -- their WAB learning experience.

WAB Pathways to Graduation

WAB Strategy 2022+ & Accreditation Updates

Through a community-wide, student-led strategic planning process in 2021, the following key areas for development are: 

  • "WAB Alumni will be champions of inclusion through diversity, equity, anti-racism & social justice (I-DEAS)."
  • "WAB Alumni will be agents of sustainable & ethical approaches to living and learning.

More details on the structure of the strategy, and work so far with Faculty, can be found here

From 2021-2023, WAB completed the IB-NEASC Collaborative Learning Protocol (CLP) and CIS Deep Dive Pathway 2 (Global Citizenship & intercultural Learning). This work towards Profiles of WAB Alumni was the key component of Deep Dive Project 5, and aligned with our chosen NEASC ACE 2.0 Learning Principles. Find out more here

Mastery Transcript: Alternative Pathways to Graduation

The Mastery Transcript Consortium is a leading organisaition based in the USA, which is working towards competency-based, portfolio models of university application and acceptance. Their structure could help determine our profiles of a graduate. 

Higher Education & University Recognition

Designing Graduate Profiles - Articles & Examples

WAB Learners in Action

IB Learner Profile & Approaches to Learning

Global Citizenship

UniMelb New Metrics

New Metrics is a collaborative research venture between the University of Melbourne and selected forward-thinking schools to work in partnership to address the meta-problems faced by Australian schools today and in the future.

Future-Ready Global Skills & Competencies Frameworks

Alongside the Approaches to Learning skills, there are frameworks of skills and competencies pertinent to the future of learning. These are some key examples, relevant to the work and direction of WAB. You will notice many similarities and overlaps. 

ATL Skills Summary