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ES PE: Grade 2


Central Idea:
  • Groups work together, using social and communication skills to solve problems.
Lines of Inquiry:
  • Solving problems requires co-operation
  • Reflection is an important part of the problem-solving cycle
  • Groups need to communicate effectively to solve problems
Essential Questions:
  • What is cooperation?
  • Why is reflection an important part of solving problems?
  • How can communication help us in-group challenges?
Central Idea:
  • People use rules, skills, and techniques to play games.
Lines of Inquiry:
  • Successful catching/striking techniques
  • Rules in modified games
  • Use of space in games
  • Control and accuracy when striking/kicking
Essential Questions:
  • How can we throw/kick balls with control and accuracy?
  • What do we need to do to catch/strike a ball successfully?
  • Why are rules important in games?
  • How do we use space in games?
Central Idea:
  • Movements can be linked together to create an artistic sequence.
Lines of Inquiry:
  • Correct technique
  • Designing a movement sequence
  • Safe practices when performing movements
  • Feedback and its effect on performance
Essential Questions:
  • Why is correct technique important in gymnastics?
  • How can we use movements creatively to form a sequence?
  • How can we keep ourselves safe when doing gymnastics?
  • What is gymnastics?
  • What qualities do gymnasts need?
Central Idea:
  • Personal choices affect our well-being.
Lines of Inquiry:
  • The physical element of a healthy lifestyle
  • Components of fitness
  • Body systems (cardio-respiratory and muscular)
Essential Questions:
  • What are the main elements of a healthy lifestyle? (rest, nutrition, exercise)
  • What are the different components of fitness?
  • How can we improve the different components of fitness?
  • What happens in our bodies when we exercise?
  • Why do changes happen in our body during exercise?
Central Idea:
  • There are different ways to run, jump and throw in track and field.
Lines of Inquiry:
  • Specific technique for different events
  • Methods used to improve performance
  • Keeping ourselves safe when using athletic equipment
Essential Questions:
  • What is the correct technique for running, jumping, throwing?
  • How do we measure our results?
Central Idea:
  • People use rules, skills and strategies to play games.
Lines of Inquiry:
  • Techniques and skills that are necessary to play different games
  • Strategies that can be used in games
  • The importance of rules when playing games
Essential Questions:
  • How do we send and receive a ball effectively?
  • Why are rules important when we play games?
  • What are some attack and defense strategies that can be used in games?