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FLOW21 ATL: Introduction

Resources from the FLoW21 ATL Working Group, 2018+

World leaders, business minds and educators realize the importance of teaching soft skills to prepare young people for a VUCA future. As more and more jobs become replaced by robots and technology, we will need to teach things that machines can't do. It has become more important than ever that young people are equipped with skills, such as collaboration, grit, decision-making, communication, and creative and critical thinking, to succeed in the the workplace .

Why We Should Care

What are 21st Century Skills?

21st Century Skills was a response to research conducted by government agencies, academics, non-profit organizations and corporations to identify key skills that were needed for this and the next generation.

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Interpretations of 21st Century Skills

Many schools and educational systems around the world have created their own version of 21st Century Skills that connect closely to their educational philosophy and ethos. The example below comes from the Ontario curriculum; however, you can see similar interpretations of 21st Century Skills in New Zealand, Australia, USA and even IB, just to name a few. 

Credit: Sylvia Duckworth

@ IB

  • 2018- IB updated PYP from Transdisciplinary Skills to ATL’s (Enhanced PYP)
  • Recent revision of DP ATL’s and ATT’s
  • IB ATL’s are more vertically aligned from PYP to DP
  • IB respects, recognizes and cites 21st Century Skills

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