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G06: I&S From Little Things, Big Things Grow: Home

from little things

Statement of Inquiry

Students will inquire into how small changes can create sustainable actions that have a large impact on communities, globalization and the environment.

Inquiry Questions


  • In what ways do my choices as a consumer impact the community and environment?
  • What are the issues involving human impact on the environment?
  • Does making sustainable choices help?


  • What is a small change?
  • How can small changes produce big effects?


  • Whose responsibility is it?
  • Considering different stakeholders perspectives, is taking the 'eco' way always the way?
  • Is it more the consumer or producers responsibility to make sustainable change?
  • Can sustainability be achieved while still maintaining a high quality of life?
  • Should communities and companies take sustainable actions?

Teacher Librarian

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Luna Wang

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