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Twitter: Connected Educators: Home

How to get connected to learners and learning using Twitter and other tools.


A well-organised Twitter feed can be an excellent way to find resources, learn from others, share your story and build a global professional learning network (PLN). 

Twitter Links

Shortcut links to some essential Twitter services

Twitter: Power To The Tweeple

Twitter can be an excellent tool for professional learning & resources .

  • Connecting with other teachers, schools & organisations. 
  • Connecting your classroom to others
  • Finding inspiration for units, connections and resources
  • Vicarious participation in conferences and events
  • Building a professional footprint & career contacts

Twitter: Build Your Personal Learning Network (PLN)

Calling All Ed Tweeters! Why Twitter?

Try This

Getting Started

Set up a Twitter account & create your profile. 

Building a PLN

Your Personal Learning Network of peers & inspirations. 

Curating with Tweetdeck

Tweetdeck for organization & efficiency.