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Twitter: Connected Educators: Get Started

How to get connected to learners and learning using Twitter and other tools.

Getting Going...

Source: via Larry Ferlazzo

Try This...

  1. Sign up for Twitter
    • You'll need an email or phone number
  2. Create a handle
    • Not too complicated*, unambiguous characters
    • Gives a sense of who you are
    • Eventually you'll be sharing this at conferences, events and online ;-) 
  3. Upload a profile image
    • You, or something representing you
    • 400 x 400 pixels, it will be shown as a circle
    • If you don't want a photo, you could try Bitmoji or use Prisma to turn your photo into a picture. 
  4. Create your Bio
    • ​​160 Characters - make it count! 
    • Website or blog if you have one
    • Who, where, what. #hashtags you're connected to
  5. Post your first Tweet! 
    • Introduce yourself in 280 characters.
    • Who are you? What are you interested in learning about? 
    • "Pin" the tweet when it is posted. 
  6. Follow & Connect
    • Start following other accounts & colleagues
    • Look at who they follow
    • Start building your PLN... 

*Name characters used to count in the 140-limit in messages, but not anymore

How Can I Make the Most of Twitter?


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