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WAB Faculty & Staff

WAB Faculty: PD Day Nov 10 2023

Learning at WAB is a transformative process which is intentional and iterativechallenging and joyful, and serves an authentic purpose. WAB's Definition of Learning

WAB PD Day - Nov 10 2023

Welcome to our PD Day on Friday Nov. 10, 2023! 

This day is designed to create opportunities for learning for everyone at WAB, as well as coming together as a professional community for sharing and celebration. 

An overview of the schedule is below - please take a moment to check it carefully and see where you will be. The afternoon has opportunities for WAB Labs (overview here), where colleagues can connect and inspire each other. If you would like to host a session, please add it into MyTime. 

The afternoon also includes some half-day workshops, including Safeguarding & SEL training for new teachers. 

PD For Staff: Please see below for details of two workshops hosted by PD Academia, designed for Staff in roles other than teaching. Please check with your line manager or department head about plans for the day. 

A light breakfast, lunch and after school will be catered, with wellbeing offerings before school and during lunch. In the afternoon, we look forward to live music and celebration. 

PD Day & Accreditation Slides

MyTime Link for WAB PD Day 10 November

To sign up for wellbeing and WAB Lab sessions, please use MyTime. 

  • Please log in using O365 and if you need help, ask a colleague who has used it before, or contact Brent. 
    • (For ES Newbies, MyTime is the platform used by MS & HS for Day 9, attendance and scheduling)
  • If you want to add a WAB Lab session in the afternoon, or create a wellbeing activity for early morning or lunchtime:
    1. click on the timeslot
    2. 'Add New Activity'
    3. Create the session, details and venue

PD Day Nov 10 2023 - Overview Document

PD Academia Sessions for Staff

This year we have partnered with PD Academia to provide some options for Staff in roles other than teaching. These are developed for TA's, admin staff and others who are interested. To sign up for either of these, please contact Anita Rong directly, before 4pm, Weds 8 Nov. 

9-11am HUB Link: Knowing the People You Serve & Their Preferences

To support and serve others more fully, it is vital to be attentive to them to know who they are and what they want. Participants will learn about profiling. Active listening establishes connections between participants and the people they support and serve, which allows for ease of interaction and ensures that messages are being related completely and accurately. This will encourage these people to express themselves more clearly and candidly.

1-4pm HUB Link: Collaboratively Communicating to Solve Problems

To communicate effectively and influence others, we need to understand ourselves and how our priorities affect others. Participants will use a temperament profile assessment to become more interpersonally aware and identify strategies for working effectively with people that have different priorities to their own.

Wellbeing Options

Wellbeing Options 

Before School 


Other Sessions 

  • 5K run meet 7:45am in HS Koi Garden (Paddles & Jaime) 

  • Tiger L’Air Dome: Adrenaline Gym, Tennis, Table Tennis, Volleyball 

  • MS HUB Gym: Badminton 

  • Fun Calligraphy HS 7206 (Summer Li) 

  • Mountain Bike Loop: 12:00 HUB West Gate (Andy Cole) 

  • Mindful Self Check-in HUB Dance 6201 12:15 (Nina & Nisha) 

  • Staff Choir Practice: 12:30 in Founders Theatre (TBC) 

  • Tiger L’Air Dome: Adrenaline Gym, Tennis, Table Tennis, Volleyball 

  • MS HUB Gym: Badminton 

  • Djembe Drum Circle 2:30 HUB (Mark Armstrong) 

  • Mindful Meditation for SEL 2:30 HUB 6203 (Patrik Izing)