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WAB Faculty & Staff

Data Literacy: Graphing & Datavis

Tech tools & search/computation engines to find, present, analyse and make sense of data.

Our World in Data

Our World in Data, creators of the SDG-Tracker resources do a fantastic job of mapping and visualising global development data. 

Information is Beautiful

A rock star of the #datavis world, David McCandless's "Information is Beautiful" presents accessible, interactive and referenced visualisations of global issues, complex topics and big numbers. One key to successful datavis is making the hard-to-conceptualise visible. 

Simon Kuestenmacher

Simon Kuestenmacher of the Demographics Group in Melbourne gathers and shares data visualisations from across the internet. Build online embeddable, interactive graphs is a tool for building charts and datasets online. Click here to find out more, and see the interactive example below.