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Data Literacy: Wolfram | Alpha

Tech tools & search/computation engines to find, present, analyse and make sense of data.

Why Wolfram|Alpha?

A "computational search engine", Wolfram|Alpha has to be tried to be believed. Instead of just presenting information, W|A will mine databases and calculate outcomes. AND it provides reference lists of where it got all the data.

If you need to search for anything to do with data, try Wolfram|Alpha out. 

Pro for Educators

Connect concepts to reality with Wolfram|Alpha Pro for Educators by using real-world data to spark creativity and foster engagement. Millions of students and educators use Wolfram|Alpha every day to learn, explore, and test their skills.

Teachers around the world rely on Wolfram|Alpha Pro to create homework, check answers, generate visuals, and make lesson planning faster and easier.

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Getting Going...

Search Wolfram | Alpha

Test out Wolfram | Alpha with some focused queries. 

Example Searches

Enter terms in the search bar above. 

Country Comparisons

Mapping & Distance

Company/financial Comparisons

Personal Health: Compare Activities

  • Put in an activity and see what happens. e.g. "swimming"

Genetics & the Genome

  • e.g "Genome" or type in a sequence of bases

Health & Medicine

Chemistry & Biochemistry

Try This...

Compare two countries on Wolfram | Alpha (example). 

  • What data does it return? What visualisations and comparisons might be useful in your inquiry? 
  • Can you find the sources of the data? Why are they reliable
  • What lines of inquiry does this generate? 
  • How can you connect the global goals and learning from Gapminder

What can Wolfram | Alpha do for you? Try some of the launchpads below.