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Theory of Knowledge: Knowledge and Religion

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Key Concepts

Who has religious knowledge, and what is it about?

Does religion address problems that cannot be resolved by other disciplines and fields?   Does religious knowledge create meaning and purpose?

Are religious beliefs rational?  Does it matter?  Is reason enough?  Is certainty any more or less attainable in religion than it is in the arts or human sciencesWhere should the burden of proof lie – on those proving, or disproving an idea?

Does religion provide a way to systematise concepts of right and wrong?

What role do analogy and metaphor play in the production and communication of religious ideas?

Things that make you go hmmm....

Interview on Real Time with Bill Maher that went viral in 2014.

TED talk about the relationship between athiesm, religion, ethics and culture.

What counts as religious evidence?

What is the role of culture in religious belief?

Is there a relationship between religion and morality?

Why do we believe?  

Should religion ever condone violence / unethical beliefs?  How might this occur?

Does doubt have a role in religious belief?   Does Art?

How do we decide between competing belief systems?