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Theory of Knowledge: Knowledge and Technology

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Key Concepts

What are the ethics of data collection?  Who bears the burden?  How do we balance privacy concerns with the practical benefits of data-gathering?

Can a machine be said to "KNOW" something?

Things that make you go hmmm....

Short clip of Noam Chomsky discussing issues such as data collection.

Hans Rosling shows how flash animation helps with data interpretation.

TED talk about how video games take advantage of elements that fire up the dopamine center in the brain.

TED talk about the role of the algorithms that form the foundation of computer programs.

Can a machine ever "know" something?  Can a machine be "human"?

Is knowledge inherently human?  What does it mean to "create'?

What role do emotions play in making ethical decisions?

Is technology merely an extension to the human senses or does it help us see the world in new ways?

Can technology help us connect to history?

How should we engage with knowledge from the Internet?

Does technology improve perspective?

Should innovators be responsible for the consequences of technology they develop?