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Literature reflects social norms and values of the day

Statement of Inquiry

Statement of Inquiry:

Young Adult Literature Reflects the Social Norms and Values of the Day

Factual Questions:

  • What are the elements of characterization?

  • In the literary world, when did YA literature become a category of its own.
  • What elements help us identify YA Literature?

Conceptual Questions:

  • How have famous teenage literary characters represented the norms and values of their day?  Or how have they rebelled against them?
  • How does our novel reflect the values and norms of its day?


  • Are teens today accurately represented in literature? 
  • Should the books we read be more about seeing ourselves or escaping ourselves?

Key Concepts

Society’s norms and values influence literature and literature, in turn, influences society.

It is important to see ourselves in the stories we read.

Time, Place and Space
Literature helps us explore historical periods and identify changes in society.

Global Context:

Orientation in Space and Time

“The relationships between, and the interconnectedness of, individuals and civilizations, from local and global perspectives.”
“Literature highlights the interconnectedness of individuals and civilizations.”

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