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Middle School WAB Extended Independent Reading Days

What is WEIRD?

WEIRD stands for WAB Extended Independent Reading Days

Every Friday, during our flex time, we're turning our campus into a quirky reading wonderland. It's a day where everyone unleashes their inner bookworm and dives into the fascinating world of literature. 🐛📖

The best part? You get to bring your own books! Whether it's a tale of fantastical creatures, mind-bending mysteries, or hilarious comedies, grab your beloved book and join us for a day filled with literary escapades. 🌈📚

But hang on! We know that not everyone has their own shelves bursting with captivating reads. Fear not, dear friends! The amazing Red Scroll Library has got your back! 📚🔍 We've generously provided a treasure trove of books for you to explore and borrow. So, even if you forgot to bring your own book, don't worry! Red Scroll Library has got you covered. 🙌

Remember, reading is not just about absorbing knowledge; it's about experiencing joy, empathy, and a good dose of laughter too! 😆❤️

Let's celebrate the magic of books, the power of imagination, and the joy of getting lost in a good story! 🎉📚✨


WEIRD House Points

Read books, write reviews on Oliver, and earn house points!

BOB House Reading Books